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I have had the great fortune of working with amazing teams and customers, and together we have accomplished some amazing things. Over the last two decades, a set of core beliefs and principles have shaped my approach to solving the problems of building, growing, and running technology businesses. “Sharing” is one of those core beliefs.



MTG Card Tech: Over the past several years I built and maintained a web app for analyzing and understanding the game Magic: The Gathering. I had several goals with this project, including learning machine learning, becoming a better player, and keeping my software development skills sharpened.

Main features:

  1. Card Search – advanced field-level and extrapolated card searching
  2. Related Cards – show similar cards based on card mechanics
  3. Better Card Ratings – find and sort cards based on crowd-sourced ratings specific to format
  4. Card Battles – cards are rated in head-to-head comparison by format, fueling card ratings
  5. Card Trends – which cards are seeing more competitive play
  6. Deck Crafter – given a set of cards, what are other cards to consider
  7. Mana Base Recommendations – given a set of cards, what mana base may work best

MTG Card Tech is currently looking for a good home (either a media site or a retailer) and can be integrated with your existing digital customer engagement tools to drive more traffic, create more conversions/sales, and differentiate your brand. Let me know if you are interested!